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Powerful testimony from Gazan author Hedaya Shamun. When will it end?


Gazan author Hedaya Shamun, in translation by Shaimaa Debees, writes her reflections on the thirteenth day of “Operation Protective Edge”:

By Hedaya Shamun

Photo of coffee in Gaza from http://ingaza.wordpress.com/. Photo of coffee in Gaza from http://ingaza.wordpress.com/.

War changes the taste of coffee. Sweets are no longer as they were before, and no one wants to touch them once the kids have gone. A bitter taste settles into our eyes and into our hearts. Today is the thirteenth day of the war — of the sudden death. Every day we greet, leave, and call each other, attempting to support each other, but time gets us! We all feel those terrible shells that are so close to our heads.

I hear about a young man from Rafah, and I cannot believe that only his lower half has reached the hospital. The artillery shell divided him, while still inside his house, into two halves. The lower half reached the hospital…

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